Saturday, December 11, 2010

Building Vegan Culture(s) Globally

The task of building vegetarian culture has been undertaken throughout the millennia by religious and spiritual communities, vegetarians with a worldview, and the vegetarian diet is intertwined in their understanding with all their other beliefs.

Building sustainable and non-idiosyncratic vegan culture(s) and subcultures globally is a challenge very few vegans seem to be willing to take upon themselves in a committed and systematic way.

These resources offer some background.



In addition to joining them, thoughts in this forum could help us think out the task of building vegetarian and vegetarian culture and its sustaining resources (including our own self-history and community histories).

Again, throughout the millennia, this task has been undertaken vegetarians with a worldview which may be different from our own outlook or view of living, and vegetarian diet for them was for them, as it is for most of us, part of our lives. In that context, like it was for them, it is intertwined in their or our understanding and with all their or our other beliefs.

As before - in the past, vegetarians today, both religious and secular, continue intertwine beliefs, both dietary and nondietary.

Issues in culture building arise constantly whenever there is talk about "increasing the number of vegetarians".

But modern social science understandings of culturebuilding OUGHT to give us profound insights into the importance of economics, material infrastructure, celebration, and intergenerational communication.

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